How a buyer can obtain valuable services for free.

Most buyers don’t know that they can get the professional services of a Realtor for free.  That is because the seller normally pays the brokerage fee in a real estate transaction.  Why pass up on this opportunity for free service and professional representation by someone whose obligation is to you, the buyer?

Some buyers believe that if they bypass having their own agent they can negotiate a large discount in the sales price.  If the seller has retained the services of a Realtor, they have already agreed to pay a brokerage fee to the listing and selling agents.  The only difference a buyer’s agent makes is that the seller’s agent and real estate office have to share that commission with the buyer’s agent.

Some buyers might also feel that they can get a substantial discount by going directly to the seller or the seller’s agent.  It is much more likely that a seller would want to pocket any savings he might have rather than pass it on to a buyer.