BrentwoodBeginning as a farming community in the late 1800’s, Brentwood is an inviting town nestled in eastern Contra Costa County. Although the city has become increasingly residential since the early 1990’s, Brentwood is still known throughout the Bay Area for the vegetables and fruits produced in the area, primarily its cherries, corn and peaches. The community celebrates its agricultural heritage with local festivals, namely the summertime Cornfest, and numerous “u-pick” opportunities at local farms where locals and tourists can pick their own produce. The town’s proximity to the San Joaquin Delta, a vast network of waterways spanning over 1,000 miles in length, makes it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors and residents can spend the afternoon fishing, boating, and water skiing on the delta before retiring to cozy downtown Brentwood to dine at one of the city’s numerous restaurants, take in a movie at the local theater or browse the small shops lining the street. From its agricultural roots to its fabulous location near the delta, lovely Brentwood has something to suit every taste.

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